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In this study, we observed the occurrence of TRBV8.1-DB2.1 V(D)J recombination in murine fetal thymus organ culture (FTOC), in which the thymic microenvironment is mimicked. Since ionizing radiation(More)
Several biomaterials have been widely used in bone regeneration/substitution procedures in orthopedic and oral surgery. However, how these biomaterials alter osteoblast gene expression is poorly(More)
Gene expression of peripheral tissue antigens (PTAs) in stromal medullary thymic epithelial cells (mTECs) is a key process to the negative selection of autoreactive thymocytes. This phenomenon was(More)
Since circulating leukocytes, mainly B and T cells, continuously maintain vigilant and comprehensive immune surveillance, these cells could be used as reporters for signs of infection or other(More)
Positive selection (PS) in the thymus involves the presentation of self-peptides that are bound to MHC class II on the surface of cortical thymus epithelial cells (cTECs). Prss16 gene corresponds to(More)