Márcia Hiromi Tanaka

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BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVE Although chronic periodontitis (CP) is a multifactorial condition, few studies have investigated the potential association of gene variants with the outcome of periodontal therapy. In a previous study, we reported that variants in the interleukin-8 (IL8) gene were associated with CP in a Brazilian population. The aim of this(More)
BACKGROUND Recently, attenuation of anti-inflammatory and increase of pro-inflammatory mediators was demonstrated in individuals with Down syndrome (DS) in comparison with euploid patients during periodontal disease (PD), suggesting a shift to a more aggressive inflammation in DS. AIM To determine the influence of DS in the modulation of interferons(More)
BACKGROUND Individuals with Down syndrome (DS) have a higher prevalence and severity of periodontal disease, which cannot be explained by poor oral hygiene alone and is related to changes in the immune response. The aim of this study is to evaluate whether DS was associated with differential modulation of expression of genes associated with proinflammatory(More)
AIM To quantify the proteome composition of the GCF in periodontal health (HH) and in sites with different clinical conditions in chronic periodontitis (CP) subjects. MATERIAL AND METHODS 5 subjects with HH and 5 with CP were submitted to full-mouth periodontal examination, and GCF sampling. Sites in the CP group were classified and sampled as(More)
The aim of this study was to investigate the effect of non-surgical treatment of periodontitis on the levels of periodontopathogens and clinical parameters in patients with different genetic backgrounds produced by polymorphisms in the Interleukin ( IL8) gene. Thirty patients grouped according to IL8 ATC/TTC or AGT/TTC haplotypes were submitted to(More)
The KEKCB is an electron cyclotron resonance (ECR) ion source for converting singly charged ions to multicharged ones at Tokai Radioactive Ion Accelerator Complex. By using the KEKCB, singly charged gaseous and nongaseous ions were converted to multicharged ones of A/q approximately 7 with efficiencies of 7% and 2%, respectively. The conversion efficiency(More)
The charge-exchange reaction 60Ni(13C,13N)60Co at E/A=100 MeV has been studied to locate isovector (deltaT=1) non-spin-flip (deltaS=0) giant resonances. Besides the giant dipole resonance at E(x)=8.7 MeV, another resonance has been observed at E(x)=20 MeV with a width of 9 MeV. Distorted-wave Born approximation analysis on the angular distribution clearly(More)
The reaction rate of the stellar reaction 13C(alpha,n)16O, which is currently considered to be the main neutron source for the slow (s) process at low energies, has been rederived using the direct alpha-transfer reaction 13C(6Li,d)17O leading to the subthreshold state at 6.356 MeV in 17O. The contribution of the subthreshold state is found to be much(More)
Using Bi-Digital O-Ring Test electromagnetic field resonance phenomenon between 2 identical substances, it is possible to draw on the surface of the human body several points similar to the acupuncture points of Traditional Chinese Medicine-TCM with the help of histological slides of 12 organs of the main TCM Meridians, using the method first described by(More)
Haplotypes of susceptibility to chronic periodontitis do not influence MMP-8 levels or the outcome of non-surgical periodontal therapy Giovana Anovazzi 1,2, Marcell C. de Medeiros 1, Túlio M. Ferrisse 2, Sâmia C. T. Corbi 1,2, Livia S. Finoti 1,2, Márcia Hiromi Tanaka 2,Andrea M. Marcaccini 3, Silvana R. P. Orrico 1, Joni A. Cirelli 1, Raquel F. Gerlach 3,(More)