Márcia Barros de Sales

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Gerontology is known more and more as an interdisciplinary and functional knowledge. Geriatrics as one of its branches intends to make possible longevity with health. World population ageing occurs along with important economical and social inequalities for elder people, which are likely to be more affected by deficiencies (physical and/or cognitive) than(More)
  • M Sales
  • 1989
Techniques of promotive and preventive health care include: The use of proactive skills in the consultation; and the co-ordinated use of posters and pamphlets with media campaigns. An efficient medical record and patient recall system; and a doctor initiated health check programme with selected patients. A cost effective method of informing practitioners(More)
This study aimed to analyze the use of a teaching strategy based on programming contests and electronics judges and their influence on the performance of students in the subjects in an undergraduate course of Software Engineering at the University of Brasilia. The methodology in this study is exploratory in nature, it is a documentary qualitative research,(More)
This paper presents a model of digital inclusion for the elderly people, using learning by peers methodology. The model's goal was valuing and promoting the potential capabilities of the elderly people by promoting some of them to instruct other elderly people to deal with computers and to use several software tools and internet services. The project(More)
This paper presents an approach to create checklists, and to explain how it is used to develop a technique for assessing the Web interfaces accessibility focused on aged users. The observation of aged users interacting with a Web communication tool leaded to the research about recommendations to Web accessibility, especially those centered on aged users.(More)
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