Máire Curran

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The performance of seven commercially manufactured rotavirus assays was evaluated with 144 pediatric stool specimens and compared with electron microscopy (EM) findings. The four enzyme-linked immunosorbent assays used were Rotazyme II, Pathfinder, IDL rotavirus immunoassay, and Enzygnost (Behring) rotavirus assay. The three latex tests were Meritec(More)
PURPOSE We determined whether teratomatous elements in the orchiectomy specimen predict for teratoma in the retroperitoneum in patients who have not received chemotherapy. MATERIALS AND METHODS We retrospectively reviewed the records of patients with clinical stages A, B and B2 nonseminoma who underwent retroperitoneal lymph node dissection. RESULTS(More)
OBJECTIVES To add to the area of triathlon research by providing much needed prevalence data on knee injury in triathletes. METHOD An incidental "in field" sampling technique was used to interview 58 triathletes aged between 15 and 55 years about knee injury during a triathlon event. The sample comprised 46 men and 12 women. RESULTS Most knee injuries(More)
We present three cases (two incidents) of severe blast injury from the explosion of covered glass bottles containing dry ice. The first patient sustained lacerations of the face, left eye, right wrist and forearm, and abdomen with protrusion of the small bowel. The second sustained a deep laceration to her anterior neck. The third sustained multiple(More)
Few studies have demonstrated that seating modifications reduce low back pain (LBP). One recent study found that a forward-inclined seatpan reduced low back discomfort (LBD), however this was only examined in people with flexion-related LBP. No study has yet investigated its effectiveness among people with extension-related LBP. This crossover study(More)
This study was undertaken to investigate the impact of diabetes, which develops after heart transplantation, on infection and patient survival. Nondiabetic patients (366) underwent heart transplantation at our institution between June 1, 1980 and January 12, 1988. Of these patients, 29 (8%) developed posttransplantation diabetes (PTD), defined as a(More)
OBJECTIVE This paper systematically reviews the effect of chair backrests and reducing seated hip flexion on low back discomfort (LBD) and trunk muscle activation. BACKGROUND Prolonged sitting commonly exacerbates low back pain (LBP). Several modifications to seated posture and chair design have been recommended, including using chairs with backrests and(More)
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