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For enteral nutrition catheter
The present invention relates to a catheter for Enteral Nutrition A patient (1), comprising: at least one axial direction (S) the hose section (16) which extends over a partial region, a proximal endExpand
Techniques for arrayed printing of permanent layer with improved speed and accuracy
A repeatable manufacturing process uses a printer to deposits liquid for each product carried by a substrate to form respective thin films. The liquid is dried, cured or otherwise processed to formExpand
Having a jet loop reactor nanofiltration
The present invention relates to a device for continuous gas and liquid phase heterogeneous catalytic reaction Optionally another fluid, wherein the apparatus comprises at least one liquidExpand
A method for processing mortar and a mortar additive composition
The present invention relates to a method for processing mortar, comprising the steps of mixing a dry mortar mix with water, a substance influencing the solidification rate of the mortar and a markerExpand
Set the maximum output power of a user equipment power headroom reporting method and a user device and
One embodiment of the method comprises: the definition of a range (S310) the maximum output power of the user apparatus (130) at. Expand
The tamper-evident security seal
A fabrication aluminum seal housing or body of molded plastic or metal extrusion having a hollow portion communicating through the interface region formed by at least one frangible projection portionExpand
Facilitated via peg based hydrogel strain cycloaddition crosslinked without copper
The present invention relates to 8-membered ring comprising an alkyne-functionalized polyalkylene glycols and multi-armed polyoxyethylated glyceryl ether triazide strain promote the reaction productExpand
Apparatus for optimized cooling of a drive unit and a fuel cell in a fuel cell vehicle
Optimization of the drive unit and the cooling device of the fuel cell in a fuel cell vehicle according to the present invention relates to. It discloses a system for cooling the fuel cell vehicleExpand
Polymerized hydrogel adhesives
The present invention relates to a hydrogel polymeric binder, especially binder such as a hydrogel, wherein the hydrogel-methylpropanesulfonic acid or salts thereof (AMPS monomer) include vinylExpand
Method for operating a motor vehicle system, the vehicle control mechanism and system
A method for operating a motor vehicle system (1), wherein the system ( 1) comprises a control means (8), high-voltage vehicle electrical system (4), low- Voltage vehicle Electrical system (5) of the DC / DC converter (3), and a motor (2), in particular a starter generator or the motor generator. Expand