Lyudmila F. Mazanaeva

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In recent years many cases of hybridization and introgression became known for chelonians, requiring a better understanding of their speciation mechanisms. Phylogeographic investigations offer basic data for this challenge. We use the sister species Mauremys caspica and M. rivulata, the most abundant terrapins in the Near and Middle East and South-east(More)
The West Asian stripe-necked terrapin Mauremys caspica is widespread throughout the Middle East—a region for which only few phylogeographic studies are available. Due to landscape alteration, pollution and intensification of water management, M. caspica is increasingly threatened. However, genetic diversity among and within populations is poorly known,(More)
The variability of microsatellites BM224 and Bcal7 was studied for the first time in three species of the diploid-polyploid complex of Bufo viridis (B. viridis, B. oblongus, and B. pewzowi). The locus Bcal7 was established to be monomorphic in all samples studied. In microsatellite BM224, three allele variants were found. Among tetraploid toads, the western(More)
The phylogeny and historical demography of small Eurasian vipers of the Vipera ursinii and V. renardi complexes were studied using mitochondrial DNA sequences analysed with Bayesian inference, Maximum Likelihood and Maximum Parsimony approaches, and mismatch distributions. Diversification in the group resulted from an initial dispersion in the later(More)
The polymerase chain reaction with arbitrary primers (RAPD-PCR) was used to study intraspecific variation in Mediterranean turtle Testudo graeca, which is represented by the Dagestan (T. g. pallasi) and Nikolskii (T. g. nikolskii) subspecies in Russia. To study the phylogenetic relationships, the RAPD variation was also compared in two other T. graeca(More)
We studied variation of microsatellites BM224 and Bcal7 in three species of the Bufo viridis diploid-polyploid complex. We found that locus Bcal7 in all examined samples was monomorphic. Three alleles of microsatellite BM224 were found. Among tetraploid toads, the western species B. oblongus had only one allele variant, whereas the eastern species B.(More)
Based on polymorphism of the 12S rRNA gene and RAPD markers, differentiation of 122 tortoise individuals belonging to the three species of genus Testudo (T. kleinmanni, T. marginata, and T. graeca), six subspecies of T. graeca (T. g. nikolskii, T. g. pallasi, T. g. armeniaca, T. g. zarudnyi, T. g. terrestris, T. g. ibera), and two subspecies of the Central(More)
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