Lyudmila F. Mazanaeva

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The West Asian stripe-necked terrapin Mauremys caspica is widespread throughout the Middle East—a region for which only few phylogeographic studies are available. Due to landscape alteration, pollution and intensification of water management, M. caspica is increasingly threatened. However, genetic diversity among and within populations is poorly known,(More)
Based on polymorphism of the 12S rRNA gene and RAPD markers, differentiation of 122 tortoise individuals belonging to the three species of genus Testudo (T. kleinmanni, T. marginata, and T. graeca), six subspecies of T. graeca (T. g. nikolskii, T. g. pallasi, T. g. armeniaca, T. g. zarudnyi, T. g. terrestris, T. g. ibera), and two subspecies of the Central(More)
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