Lyudmila E. Belyaeva

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By two-dimensional chromatography on paper in the solvent systems BAW (4 : 1:2) (first direction) and 15% CHsCOOII (second dLrectlon) we detected in the extract obtained no less than 15 substances of phonolic nature consisting of flavonoids and phenolic carboxylic acids. The extract was treated with ethyl acetate. Fractions containing only a few components(More)
Introduction The problem of juvenile scleroderma (JS) is determined by a variety of clinical manifestations, tendency to early generalized process with the development of peripheral and visceral lesions. In the last decade various forms JS associated with Borrelia infection, as evidenced by the discovery of a skin biopsy patients spirochete Borrelia(More)
The epigeal part of Sedum caucasic~ (Grossh.) A. Bor. (Caucasian stonecrop), endemic to the Caucasus [i] was extracted with four portions of ethanol, and the extracts were worked up as described previously [2]. By two-dimensional paper chromatography, not fewer than twenty phenolic compounds, predominantly represented by flavonoids, were detected in the(More)
Posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is associated with myocardial injury, but changes in coronary regulatory mechanisms in PTSD have not been investigated. This study evaluated the effect of PTSD-inducing stress on coronary tone and its regulation by nitric oxide (NO) and voltage-gated K+ channels. PTSD was induced by exposing rats to predator stress, 15(More)
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