Lyudmila B Uzenbaeva

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American minks with different genotypes containing the Aleutian coat color allele in the homozygous state, including the single recessive Aleutian (a/a); double recessive sapphire (a/a p/p) and lavender (m/m a/a); triple recessive violet (m/m a/a p/p); and dominant-recessive cross sapphire (S/+ a/a p/p), sapphire leopard (S(K)/+ a/a p/p), and shadow(More)
The effect of pineal body hormone melatonin and synthetic tetrapeptide epithalon (Ala-Glu-Asp-Gly) under different light conditions on leucocytes differential count in rats were investigated. It has been established that melatonin and epithalon decrease the level of blood leucocytes and relative content of band neutrophils in 12 months rats which was higher(More)
Addition of mutilus hydrolysate MIGI-K to rations of minks with virus plasmacytosis involving grave immunological disorders led to changes in the ratio of serum protein fractions and in the differential blood count. Normalization of the protein spectrum of minks with Aleutian disease apparently inhibits the development of disorders caused by(More)
The effect of different light conditions (constant illumination, light deprivation, the standard regime of lighting and natural for Northwest Russia lighting in different seasons of the annual cycle) on indicators of biological age and homeostasis, the development of age-related pathology, oncogenesis and longevity of rats was investigated. Exposure to(More)
BACKGROUND The present study was aimed to identify how age-related changes in some physiological and biochemical systems are related to changes in the life span of rats with long-term pineal gland hypo- and hyperfunction induced by constant light and constant darkness, respectively. METHODS At the age of 25 days the rats were randomly divided into 3(More)
Influence of different light conditions on some physiological parameters of 3-month old male rats was studied. It was established that influence of constant light on mothers during pregnancy or on their posterity from birth leads to one-way changes of the antioxidant system, isoenzymatic spectrum of lactate dehydrogenase, blood indices and leucogram.(More)
The influence of melatonin on age dynamics of neutrophils and lymphocytes in blood of laboratory rats kept under different light conditions and predatory mammals--farmer silver fox, raccoon dog kept under natural light (NL) was investigated. The decrease of lymphocyte level, increase neutrophils content and alteration of neutrophils/lymphocytes ratio of(More)
The effect of different light conditions on the age related level of blood leucocytes, leucocytes differential count and the morpho-metrical parameters of large granular lymphocytes in rats was investigated. It has been found that the senescent animals demonstrate disturbance in typical lymphocytes/ neutrophils ratio under condition with light and darkness(More)
Pronounced leukopenia during hibernation was found in bats (Chiroptera) of Karelia - brown long-eared bat (Plecotus auritus), Brandt's bat (Myotis brandtii) and northern bat (Eptesicus nilssoni). A higher content of lymphocytes, eosinophils and basophils was revealed in the northern bat featuring an increased resistance to cold as compared to the Brandt's(More)
It has been established that sapphire minks have abnormality of subcellular structure of blood and bone marrow neutrophils and eosinophils. The abnormality consists in forming of abnormal "giant" granules. The si- ze and the number of abnormal granules significantly change during maturation of leucocytes in bone marrow. We have found differences between(More)