Lyudmila A Ivanushko

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The immunomodulatory activity of peptide drugs i.e. tinrostim (dosage form) prepared of squid optical ganglia and pharmacopoeia thymain was studied. Tinrostim showed a stimulating effect on the humoral and cellular nimmune responses when administered parenterally in experimental animals, as well as on the phagocytic activity of neutrophils, comparable to(More)
The effects of triterpene glycosides (saponins) extracted from Saponaria officinalis L. radices, on the cellular and humoral innate immunity factors were studied. Saponins stimulated the phagocytic, bactericidal, and adhesion activities of polymorphonuclear leukocytes. Optimal conditions of saponin treatment (dose and duration) were determined for mice.(More)
The results of translam chemical structure and biological activity investigation are presented. Translam is a new original semisynthetic polysaccharide of marine origin. The preparation demonstrated potent treatment effect in experimental radiation disease. It had preventing effect at experimental bacterial infections, stimulated hematopoiesis, had effect(More)
Biological activity of low molecular DNA isolated from salmon milt was studied. When administered subcutaneously to mice with with acute experimental radiation disease in a course dose of 10 mg/kg, it showed a therapeutic effect, stimulated hemopoiesis, increased the survival rate and the average life span of the animals. Moreover, its marked effect on the(More)
The action of seven polyhydroxylated sterol mono- and disulfates (1-7), isolated from ophiuroids, on innate and adaptive immunity was examined in in vitro and in vivo experiments. At least, three of them (1, 2 and 4) increased the functional activities of neutrophils, including levels of oxygen-dependent metabolism, adhesive and phagocytic properties, and(More)
Immune system modulating activity of exoglycane isolated from culture media of Vibrio alginolyticus (strain 945-80) was investigated. The substance demonstrated stimulating activity on the humoral and cell immune system, potentiated phagocyte activity of macrophage and neutrophils, increased survival index of the animals infected by Gram-positive and(More)
Effect of translam--beta-1,3;1,6-D-glucan on some of naturally occurring host protective mechanisms was investigated. It was shown that translam has potent biological activity: it has preventive effect on experimental bacterial infections, it stimulates absorbtion and digestion activity of mononuclear phagocytes, it effects on humoral and cell immunity.(More)
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