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Patients with recurrent IVF failure are generally regarded as having a poor prognosis, and when female age exceeds 35 yrs such patients face a particularly bleak outlook. This study reported on blastocyst transfer (BT) performed over a five-year interval in patients seeking "second opinion" after multiple failed IVF cycles. Clinical features and(More)
In this report, our early experience with screening, monitoring and coordinating IVF utilising gestational carrier treatment is described. Although congenital and iatrogenic etiologies for uterine factor infertility manifest distinctly different reasons for considering a gestational carrier approach, we outline a unified management strategy for both(More)
This investigation describes features of in vitro fertilisation (IVF) patients who never returned to claim their embryos following cryopreservation. Frozen embryo data were reviewed to establish communication patterns between patient and clinic; embryos were considered abandoned when 1) an IVF patient with frozen embryo/s stored at our facility failed to(More)
The aim of this study was to describe the clinical and laboratory findings associated with a previously unreported unbalanced X;6 translocation. Physical examination, reproductive history and cytogenetic techniques were used to characterise a novel chromosomal anomaly associated with gonadal dysgenesis. A healthy non-dysmorphic 23 year-old phenotypic female(More)
Insufficient blood perfusion to the small bowel may result from arterial occlusion by embolus or thrombosis, thrombosis of the venous system, or non-occlusive processes such as vasospasm or low cardiac output. Patterns of segmental, skipped, or patchy small bowel ischaemia have been reported post abdominal aortic aneurysm repair and is thought to imply that(More)
The aim of the research is to study the peculiarities of cardiac morphometric parameters, the parameters of central hemodynamics and their impact on the course of hemodynamic ischemic stroke in acute period. 116 patients were performed Echo-Doppler-cardiography in acute period of hemodynamic ischemic stroke in order to evaluate cardiac morphometric(More)
BACKGROUND To present a diagnostic evaluation and treatment strategy for serous adenocarcinoma of the ovary discovered during an in vitro fertilisation (IVF) sequence, and report on reproductive outcome after tumour resection and embryo transfer. CASE PRESENTATION Cycle monitoring in IVF identified an abnormal ovarian lesion which was subjected to(More)
BACKGROUND This study assessed pharmacy performance and satisfaction as reported by patients during ovulation induction therapy. MATERIALS AND METHODS Patients (n = 1269) receiving gonadotropin prescriptions for intrauterine insemination or in vitro fertilisation-embryo transfer in 2007-2008 were prospectively interviewed by nurses and/or completed a(More)
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