Lyubov' N Sobenina

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According to the (1)H, (13)C and (15)N NMR spectroscopic data and ab initio calculations, the strong N--H...O intramolecular hydrogen bond in the Z-isomers of 2-(2-acylethenyl)pyrroles causes the decrease in the absolute size of the (1)J(N,H) coupling constant by 2 Hz in CDCl(3) and by 4.5 Hz in DMSO-d(6), the deshielding of the proton and nitrogen by 5-6(More)
A concise, atom-economic strategy for the synthesis of pyrrolizines with amino and keto substituents has been developed. It includes the following key steps: (i) the base-catalyzed (K3PO4/DMSO) addition of a benzylamine to 2-acylethynylpyrroles and (ii) noncatalyzed addition of enaminones obtained to the triple bond of acylacetylenes followed by(More)
Numerous references to biologically active pyrrole derivatives have appeared in the literature, including those with antiphlogistic [3, 11], broncholytic [10], narcotic, antihistaminic and antiadrenergic [5] properties. In view of the breadth of biological activity exhibited by this class of compound it was thought desirable to investigate the synthesis and(More)
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