Lyubov I Mikhalovska

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Receptor-specific antibodies can both prevent ligand-receptor interaction and initiate receptor signaling. Previously we generated monoclonal antibody 8E8 (mAb 8E8) against protease-activated receptor type 3 (PAR3) which inhibited proliferation of B cell hybridoma. Here we used mAb 8E8 and PAR1-specific polyclonal antibody to reveal the functions and(More)
Radical copolymerization of acrylamide (Am) (90 mol%) with N-acryloyl-m-aminophenylboronic acid (NAAPBA) (10 mol%) carried out on the surface of glass slides in aqueous solution and in the absence of chemical cross-linkers, resulted in the formation of thin semitransparent gels. The phenylboronic acid (PBA) ligand density was ca. 160 micromol/ml gel. The(More)
Boronate-containing thin polyacrylamide gels (B-Gel), polymer brushes (B-Brush) and chemisorbed organosilane layers (B-COSL) were prepared on the surface of glass slides and studied as substrates for carbohydrate-mediated cell adhesion. B-COSL- and B-Brush-modified glass samples exhibited multiple submicron structures densely and irregularly distributed on(More)
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