Lyubina Vesselinova

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The effects of electromagnetic fields (EMFs) in physiotherapy have been discussed mainly with regard to the patient's safety, while the operator's safety is neglected. This paper presents the medical assessment and specific tendencies in the health status of personnel in physical therapy wards--where the EMFs are everyday background factor. This paper(More)
Ferro-Magnetic nanoparticles (Fe-MNP) have gained a lot of attention in biomedical and industrial applications due to their biocompatibility, ease of surface modification and paramagnetic properties. The basic idea of our study is whether it is possible to use glucose-conjugate Fe-MNP (Glc-Fe-MNP) for targeting and more accurate focusing in order to(More)
The exposure conditions in the physiotherapy are characterized with various sources emitting electromagnetic fields (EMF) in different frequency ranges. Very little is known about the exposure modalities' influence on the operators. In this article, we present the effects of EMF on personnel morbidity profile dependent on the body mass index (BMI) increase.(More)
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