Lyuba Belova

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Nacre-mimicking hybrids of high inorganic content (>50 wt %) tend to show low strain-to-failure. Therefore, we prepared clay nanopaper hybrid composite montmorillonite platelets in a continuous matrix of nanofibrillated cellulose (NFC) with the aim of harnessing the intrinsic toughness of fibrillar networks. Hydrocolloid mixtures were used in a filtration(More)
Effect of exogenous ABA and an inhibitor of energy metabolism NaN3 on water permeability of the desmotubules and tonoplast as the structural elements of vacuolar symplast ensuring water permeability of this transport system was investigated. The methodological approach based on the use of NMR with magnetic field pulse gradient is described in detail. It was(More)
Continuous daily measurements of airborne particles were conducted during specific periods at an underground platform within the subway system of the city center of Stockholm, Sweden. Main emphasis was placed on number concentration, particle size distribution, soot content (analyzed as elemental and black carbon) and surface area concentration.(More)
Indirect immunofluorescent microscopy and a tonoplast-specific marker enzyme were used to demonstrate the occurrence of pyrophosphatase within the plasmodesmata in the elongation zone of maize root segments. The pulsed field gradient NMR method (PFG NMR) was applied to study restricted self-diffusion of water molecules in the root segments under normal(More)
Ferromagnetic ordering at room temperature (RTFM) in MgO thin films deposited by RF magnetron sputtering under various atmospheric conditions and temperatures is reported. A saturation magnetization (M(S)) value as high as 1.58 emu g(-1) is (0.046 μB/unit cell) observed for a 170 nm film deposited at RT under an oxygen pressure of 1.3 × 10(-4) mbar. In(More)
Close contacts of the endoplasmic reticulum membrane and plasmalemma have been visualized inside plant cells by means of electron microscopy. The qualitative similarity of these contacts to high-permeable intercellular contacts in animals has been shown. New data confirming the hypothesis of the identity of stromules, i.e., dynamic tubular protuberances of(More)
The problem of the existence of a continuous transcellular association of internal spaces of endoplasmic reticulum (ER) and central vacuoles of next cells into a single system (vacuolar symplast) containing within the plastids and mitochondria in plant tissues is discussed. Based on the original experimental data obtained by NMR spectroscopy and electron(More)
An NMR method with a pulsed magnetic field gradient was applied to study changes in water permeability of the vacuolar symplast in maize (Zea mays L.) seedling roots treated with various inhibitors of cell metabolism. The results were qualitatively analogous to literature data on conductivity changes of intercellular gap junctions in animal cells exposed to(More)