Lynsey J Brown

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One in 15 Australians over 65 experience dementia, and are commonly supported by spouses. Evidence demonstrates declining wellbeing for these caregivers as their role continues. There are indications of improvement once caregivers transition out of the role (recovery) but alternate suggestions that caregiving stress may be too damaging to be appeased (wear(More)
The importance of primary health care (PHC) research is well understood yet conducting this research can be challenging. Barriers include a lack of funding, support and opportunity. In 2000 the Australian government introduced the Primary Health Care Research, Evaluation and Development (PHCRED) Strategy to address the gap in high-quality research. One(More)
This paper provides an overview of quality improvement in healthcare in an Australian context. Specifically, the paper considers issues around defining, quantifying, recording and incentivising quality improvement and accountability in primary healthcare. The role of newly emerging Primary Health Networks provides a context for the discussion. The paper(More)
Primary healthcare research strives for high-quality, priority-driven research to inform policy and practice. This relies on a robust and sustainable workforce to tackle complex problems faced in primary health care locally and globally. The current study investigated characteristics, experiences and career paths of the Australian primary healthcare(More)
BACKGROUND Integrated care has the potential to deliver efficiencies and improvements in patient experiences and health outcomes. Efforts towards integrated care, especially at the primary and community health levels, have increasingly been under focus, both nationally and internationally. In Australia, regional integration is a priority, and integration of(More)
BACKGROUND The use of relevant quality research and evidence to inform policy and practice is complex, takes time and requires skill. Over the past 20 years, a knowledge exchange organisation (the Primary Health Care Research and Information Service [PHCRIS]) has developed, implemented and evaluated ways to accelerate the use of research and evidence to(More)
AIM To investigate the impact of different approaches for measuring 'successful ageing', four alternative researcher and participant definitions were compared, including a novel measure informed by cluster analysis. Rates of successful ageing were explored, as were their relative associations with age and measures of successful adaptation, to assess(More)
BACKGROUND The evidence base developed by, and relevant to, primary health care (PHC) is rapidly increasing. With the wealth of literature available, searchers trying to find PHC-specific citations can feel overwhelmed. OBJECTIVES Flinders Filters and the Primary Health Care Research & Information Service collaborated to develop a search filter enabling(More)
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