Lynsey E Brandt

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The occurrence of additive genetic variance (VA) for male sexual traits remains a major problem in evolutionary biology. Directional selection normally imposed by female choice is expected to reduce VA greatly, yet recent surveys indicate that a substantial amount remains in many species. We addressed this problem, also known as the 'lek paradox', in(More)
Despite advances in pain management, little formal teaching is given to practitioners and nurses in its use for postoperative orthopedic patients. The goal of our study was to determine the educational needs for orthopedic pain management of our residents, nurses, and physical therapists using a quantitative and qualitative assessment. The needs analysis(More)
Geriatrics as a field has been fortunate to have the support of several philanthropic organizations to advance geriatrics education and training in the past two decades. Awardees of such grants were presented with unparalleled opportunities to develop new and innovative educational initiatives affecting learners at multiple levels and in multiple(More)
The term "plastic surgeon" is oddly uninformative, although it seems likely that most people know what plastic surgeons do. How well can a sample of individuals encountered on the street describe what geriatricians do? To answer this question, we strolled through downtown Baltimore's Inner Harbor, armed with a video camera and picture identification cards(More)
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