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AIM To report a study of an intermediary programme in infection control practice in one hospital in the UK. BACKGROUND Promoting best evidence in everyday practice is a constant problem in infection control. Intermediaries can influence the transfer and use of evidence in health care, but there remains a lack of evidence and theory about the specific(More)
BACKGROUND Increasingly, it is being suggested that translational gaps might be eradicated or narrowed by bringing research users and producers closer together, a theory that is largely untested. This paper reports a national study to fill a gap in the evidence about the conditions, processes and outcomes related to collaboration and implementation. (More)
Copyright for all published material in this journal is held by Pavilion Journals (Brighton) Limited unless specifically stated otherwise. Authors and illustrators may use their own material elsewhere after publication without permission but Pavilion asks that this note be included in any such use: 'First published in Quality in Ageing Volume 8 Issue 1'.(More)
INTRODUCTION In the context of a population that is growing older, and a number of high-profile scandals about care standards in hospital and community settings, having a skilled and knowledgeable workforce caring for older people is an ethical and policy imperative. Support workers make up the majority of the workforce in health and social care services(More)
Current evidence demonstrates that language awareness in nursing contributes to high quality patient care. Although language awareness amongst qualified nurses has been considered, there is a dearth of literature that examines how student nurses respond to language sensitivity in the healthcare setting. The critical incident technique was used to elicit the(More)
INTRODUCTION Nursing staffing levels in hospitals appear to be associated with improved patient outcomes. National guidance indicates that the triangulation of information from workforce planning and deployment technologies (WPTs; eg, the Safer Nursing Care Tool) and 'local knowledge' is important for managers to achieve appropriate staffing levels for(More)
In the context of modern nursing practice that is embedded within complex social situations, critical discussions about the contribution of major philosophers are relevant and important. Whilst nurse theorists have advanced and shaped nursing as a discipline, other major philosophers can offer much to advance nursing enquiry. In this paper, we focus on(More)
This model of care completes the holistic family-centred approach to care of a woman and her baby. Powys women benefit from a known carer not only through the pregnancy experience, but also they have their known midwife as the key professional to undertake the hearing assessment and newborn examination of their baby. The newborn examination and hearing(More)
As the Internet rapidly establishes itself as a major communications conduit, growing concern exists about personal privacy issues and the related ownership of personal data. Privacy and personal data may be vulnerable to exposure by unauthorized individuals, by commercial entities wishing to profit from the data, and even by the individual to whom the data(More)
The study aim was to evaluate the effectiveness of a poverty simulation in increasing understanding of and attitudes toward poverty and resulting in changes in clinical practice among nursing seniors. A poverty simulation was conducted using a diverse group of nursing professors and staff from local community agencies assuming the role of community resource(More)