Lynne Plettenberg

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This paper describes a formative evaluation of an integrated multilingual, multimedia information system, a series of user studies designed to guide system development. The system includes automatic speech recognition for English, Chinese, and Arabic, automatic translation from Chinese and Arabic into English, and query-based and profile-based search(More)
We often talk as if information retrieval systems were machines, but in reality the " systems " that we use to retrieve information are synergistic combinations of collections, machines, and processes that people use to search the collection(s) using the machine(s). Model-based evaluations such as those pioneered at Cranfield and now used in TREC, CLEF, and(More)
microsoft.public.excel.newusers age: 1068 days Posters in microsoft.public.excel.newusers, a support group for new users of Microsoft Excel, pose and answer questions about the software. Discussion is limited to technical topics, but the conversation is polite and even cordial (see figure 1). age: 2265 days(More)
This paper discusses a single form for statistical models that accommodates a broad range of models, from ordinary least squares to agent-based microsimu-lations. The definition makes it almost trivial to define morphisms to transform and combine existing models to produce new models. It offers a unified means of expressing and implementing methods that are(More)
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