Lynne Morrison

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Thirty healthy volunteers took part in this double-blind crossover study comparing 15 percent nitrous oxide in oxygen with 100 percent oxygen. They received each treatment for 45 minutes, in counter-balanced order, with no break between treatments. Central nervous system (CNS) effects of nitrous oxide were assessed by a battery of performance tests and by(More)
The goal of this investigation was to explore the feasibility of characterizing the visual search characteristics of dermatologists evaluating images corresponding to single pigmented skin lesions (PSLs) (close-ups and dermoscopy) as a venue to improve training programs for dermoscopy. Two Board-certified dermatologists and two dermatology residents(More)
In a random, double-blind crossover trial using an ischaemic limb pain model we have assessed the speed of onset of analgesia after an i.v. bolus of equipotent doses of diamorphine and morphine in 12 healthy male volunteers. Pain and its subsequent relief were assessed by means of a visual analogue scale. Two of the subjects found diamorphine acted quicker(More)
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