Lynne McCormick

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To assess the topographical distribution of sleep spindles and K-complexes, four 15-minute samples of stage 2 sleep in a group of eight healthy young adults were analyzed. Results show that a majority of spindles generated are detected over central regions, and that K-complexes are markedly predominant over prefrontal and frontal regions. These findings are(More)
BACKGROUND Whole body cardiovascular MR (WB CVMR) combines whole body angiography and cardiac MR assessment. It is accepted that there is a high disease burden in patients with diabetes, however the quantification of the whole body atheroma burden in both arterial and cardiac disease has not been previously reported. In this study we compare the quantified(More)
BACKGROUND The aim of this study was to use whole body cardiovascular magnetic resonance imaging (WB CVMR) to assess the heart and arterial network in a single examination, so as to describe the burden of atherosclerosis and subclinical disease in participants with symptomatic single site vascular disease. METHODS 64 patients with a history of symptomatic(More)
Technological and medical advances have led to the realisation of full body imaging, with systemic diagnostic approaches becoming increasingly more prevalent. In the imaging of atherosclerotic disease, contrast -enhanced whole-body MRA has been demonstrated to enable detection of stenosis with a high sensitivity and specificity. Characterization of the(More)
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