Lynne Jenkins

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Mathematical ability is a skill nurses need to safely administer medicines and fluids to patients (Elliott, M., Joyce, J., 2005. Mapping drug calculation skills in an undergraduate nursing curriculum. Nurse Education in Practice 5, 225-229). However some nurses and nursing students lack mathematical proficiency (Hilton, D.E., 1999. Considering academic(More)
This study, conducted in the context of a 4-year project to redesign special and remedial services in an elementary school, examined the effects of cooperative learning, cross-age tutoring, and in-class services for students with handicaps and remedial students. All students (524) in Grades 1 through 6 in two medium-sized elementary schools took part in the(More)
Hawaii is a set of islands with a broad mix of cultures. The law is American, but it was predominantly derived from English Common Law. Thus, the law is derived from a very distant culture. Theoretically, this 'transplanted' law could cause difficulties for people from Pacific cultures. Indeed, it appears to create difficulties for individuals with mental(More)
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