Lynne Goldstein

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A variant of the case-cohort design is proposed for the situation in which a correlate of the exposure (or prognostic factor) of interest is available for all cohort members, and exposure information is to be collected for a case-cohort sample. The cohort is stratified according to the correlate, and the subcohort is selected by stratified random sampling.(More)
Motivated by a Finnish case-control study of early onset diabetes in which diabetic children are matched to sibling controls, we investigate ascertainment bias of the usual rate ratio estimator from case-control data under simplex complete ascertainment of families during a fixed interval of time. Analytic results indicate that the assumptions necessary for(More)
Postlaryngectomy speech rehabilitation more frequently includes surgical-prosthetic methods since the introduction of a low morbidity tracheoesophageal puncture technique and a one-way airflow valve. This study compares speech using an artificial larynx and, in one case, esophageal speech with speech using a tracheoesophageal puncture and valve in the same(More)
discuss the recent exhibit at the Detroit Science Center titled " Our Body: The Universe Within. " Below is a description of the exhibit that is found at the exhibit's website ( " OUR BODY: THE UNIVERSE WITHIN is a fascinating, artful and educational exhibit consisting of actual human bodies and organs. Appropriate(More)
Fifteen esophageal speakers and 15 artificial larynx speakers were administered the Hutt Adaptation of the Bender-Gestalt Test (HABGT): Adience-Abience Scale. Adience was defined as the individual's tendency to be motivated to adapt to new experiences that effect his physical functioning. Conversely, abience was defined as the individual's tendency to avoid(More)
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