Lynne A. Slivovsky

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ii-ACKNOWLEDGMENTS It has been a pleasure to work with my major advisors, Prof. Charles A. Bouman and Prof. Jan P. Allebach, throughout my graduate-level curriculum. I would like to thank them for their high standards; their tireless involvement; their expert guidance and instruction; and their patience. I am also grateful to them for providing the(More)
Ultrasonic sensors present one of the most cost-effective digital distance measurement systems available for mobile applications. Their effectiveness is limited, however, in applications involving complex environments and when information on sensor position is unavailable. This paper focuses on the implementation and limitations of ultrasonic sensors and(More)
One of the inherent challenges of teaching any emerging technology like nanotechnology, is the fact that its core competencies flux in the new disciplines' early stages. Nanotechnology presents an additional challenge in that its underpinnings cross multiple traditional disciplinary boundaries. We have designed a course that aims to address some of these(More)
The microprocessor course has been a keystone course in electrical and computer engineering curricula for decades now. Historically, commercial off-the-shelf processors such as the Microchip PIC and Motorola 68HC12 have been used in this course. Following the migration from discrete components to programmable logic devices in introductory digital design(More)
In Perfect Xen, A Performance Study of the Emerging Xen Scheduler by Ryan Hnarakis Fifty percent of Fortune 500 companies trust Xen, an open-source bare-metal hypervisor, to virtualize their websites and mission critical services in the cloud. Providing superior fault tolerance, scalability, and migration, vir-tualization allows these companies to run(More)
Disclaimer The conceptual designs, final solution, justification and all rationale for this Cal Poly San Luis Obispo Multidisciplinary Senior Project were to the best of our team's knowledge and efforts. All decisions, justifications and rationale for this project were based on a general consensus within the team. The device designed and created in this(More)
Eight innovative senior level capstone engineering projects were completed at California Polytechnic State University (2008-present) involving (n=28) students (23 male/5 female). All projects involved the design of equipment to facilitate physical activity for people with disabilities. The effects on: i) learning design, ii) attitude towards people with(More)
This thesis involves the creation of a system of embedded touchscreen devices called touchSPICE to aid in the learning of basic circuits. Traditionally, circuit theory is taught to students in two different methods, lectures and laboratory exercises. Lectures focus on auditory and visual learning and are largely passive learning. Lab experiments allow(More)