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Smooth pursuit eye movements allow primates to fixate and track small, slowly moving objects. Pursuit usually requires visual targets; our aim was to determine the properties of the visual signals transmitted to the pursuit motor system. Rhesus monkeys were rewarded for tracking spots of light that underwent discreet changes in velocity under a variety of(More)
Within the socio-cognitive framework of sense-making, this paper explicates the term 'mental model' and its associated concepts, analyzes the controversies and connections pertaining to mental model research in information studies, and reports the findings of an exploratory study of the mental models of an academic information system. As one aspect of the(More)
Tested a theoretical model that sought to explain the association of stigma to self-esteem among adolescents with epilepsy. The model depicted hypothesized relationships among several characteristics of epilepsy (seizure type, seizure frequency, and duration of epilepsy), perceived stigma, management of disclosure, and self-esteem. Subjects were 64(More)
OBJECTIVE To examine adolescents' attitudes toward having epilepsy using the Child Attitude Toward Illness Scale (CATIS) and to provide further psychometric validation of the scale in this population. METHODS Participants were 197 adolescents aged 11 to 17 years who completed the CATIS at two points and two external validation scales. Test-retest and(More)
Severe emotional outbursts (SEOs) during intracarotid amobarbital procedures (IAP) rarely jeopardize preoperative language and memory testing. Four of four patients (100%) with outbursts had experienced significant emotional trauma (three were raped and one witnessed a decapitation), compared with 26 of 546 patients (4.8%) without outbursts (chi2 = 69.8, p(More)
Physicians are often reluctant to use psychotropic medications in epilepsy patients with psychiatric disorders because of concern over the potential risk for lowering seizure threshold. This study assesses retrospectively the impact of psychotropic medications on seizure frequency in 57 patients seen consecutively at an epilepsy center. During psychotropic(More)
OBJECTIVE To assess whether parents' self-reported psychological distress was related to consequences of chronic health conditions in their children as reflected by three domains: functional limitations, reliance on compensatory mechanisms, and service use above routine care. METHODS We used telephone survey data on children's health and parents'(More)