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The Message Matters: The Economy and Presidential Campaigns
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The Exaggerated Effects of Advertising on Turnout: The Dangers of Self-Reports
Political Scientists routinely rely on self-reports when investigating the effects of political stimuli on behavior. An example of this is found in the American politics work addressing whetherExpand
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How Quickly We Forget: The Duration of Persuasion Effects From Mass Communication
Scholars do not usually test for the duration of the effects of mass communication, but when they do, they typically find rapid decay. Persuasive impact may end almost as soon as communication ends.Expand
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Increasing Inequality: The Effect of GOTV Mobilization on the Composition of the Electorate
Numerous get-out-the-vote (GOTV) interventions are successful in raising voter turnout. However, these increases may not be evenly distributed across the electorate and could potentially increase theExpand
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Campaign Advertising: Partisan Convergence or Divergence?
Prior research demonstrates that many citizens are unable to perceive differences between the two major political parties. In order to investigate whether candidate behavior in campaigns contributesExpand
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The 2006 Cooperative Congressional Election Study
Abstract In 2006 Polimetrix, Inc. of Palo Alto, CA. fielded the Cooperative Congressional Election Study, the largest study of Congressional elections ever fielded in the US. The project was a jointExpand
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Analysis of Cluster-Randomized Experiments: A Comparison of Alternative Estimation Approaches
Analysts of cluster-randomized field experiments have an array of estimation techniques to choose from. Using Monte Carlo simulation, we evaluate the properties of point estimates and standard errorsExpand
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Primary Politics: Race, Gender, and Age in the 2008 Democratic Primary
Abstract Despite Barack Obama’s momentum in the early phase of the Democratic nomination, the process of selecting a nominee took longer than usual. Obama’s momentum, it seems, got stuck, and theExpand
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The Political Costs of Crisis Bargaining: Presidential Rhetoric and the Role of Party
Weanalyzethefirstlarge-scale,randomizedexperimenttomeasurepresidentialapprovallevelsatalloutcomesofacanonical international crisis-bargaining model, thereby avoiding problems of strategic selectionExpand
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