Lynn V Mitchell

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Childbirth Connection hosted a 90th Anniversary national policy symposium, Transforming Maternity Care: A High Value Proposition, on April 3, 2009, in Washington, DC. Over 100 leaders from across the range of stakeholder perspectives were actively engaged in the symposium work to improve the quality and value of U.S. maternity care through broad system(More)
Consumer satisfaction surveys have become an important source of information for purchasers and consumers of health care and health care organizations themselves. Individuals receiving health care provide valuable information regarding access, use of services, and satisfaction with care that can be used for multiple evaluative purposes. The Oklahoma Health(More)
Processes of care are used as one measure for the quality of care rendered by providers. One example is the immunization of children by the age of two. The Oklahoma Health Care Authority, with the Oklahoma Foundation for Medical Quality, has been tracking childhood immunization rates from 1995 through 1998. The rate calculated included the medical record(More)
The Oklahoma Health Care Authority and the Oklahoma Foundation for Medical Quality analyzed documented patterns of care in the Oklahoma Medicaid urban managed care plans from 1995 through 1998. In 1995, 31.3% of the patients had started prenatal care in the first trimester, and 50.6% of the patients had first trimester prenatal care in 1998. No prenatal(More)
Although quality medical care is a goal of all health care providers, finding a means by which to take that idea from the abstract to the measurable is often an arduous task. The Oklahoma Health Care Authority and the Oklahoma Foundation for Medical Quality confronted that challenge when examining the state of Oklahoma's Early and Periodic Screening,(More)