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Gender, Race, and Class: An Overview
Acknowledgments. 1. Introduction: Why Gender, Race, and Class?. 2. Gender Defined and Refined. 3. Complexifying Race: a Multi-Dimensional Approach. 4. Class Matters. 5. Concluding Thoughts. Notes.Expand
High-Profile Crimes: When Legal Cases Become Social Causes
Rodney King. The Central Park jogger. Bensonhurst. William Kennedy Smith. O. J. Simpson. These are more than crimes and criminals, more than court cases. They are cultural events that, for better orExpand
Abstract The restructuring of the global economy in the last quarter century has been accompanied by a major assault on living standards of millions of manual and intellectual workers. Due to mergersExpand
Public criminologies
The origins of this Special Issue of Theoretical Criminology can be located in a ‘Modernizing Criminal Justice’ conference that we both attended in London in June 2002. The high-profile event wasExpand
Reconcilable differences : confronting beauty, pornography, and the future of feminism
This volume examines controversial faultlines in contemporary feminism - pornography, the beauty myth, sadomasochism, prostitution, and the issue of rape - from an original and provocativeExpand
From Pornography to Sadomasochism: Reconciling Feminist Differences
Stemming from a belief in the deeply interconnected character of private and public events, sexuality was a key part of second-wave feminist thought in the 1960s and 1970s. In turn, feminismExpand
Sociology, Psychoanalysis, and Marginalization: Unconscious Defenses and Disciplinary Interests
American sociology as a field tends to marginalize psychoanalytic perspectives despite scholars Cavalletto and Silver showing that this was not the case during Talcott Parson's intellectual heyday inExpand
Playing Gender Against Race Through High-Profile Crime Cases
When the Clarence Thomas, Mike Tyson, and O. J. Simpson cases emerged as high-profile media cases, a pattern was established in which Black men became symbolic representatives of three distinctivelyExpand