Lynn R Offermann

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A multidimensional coping typology and a process model of coping were used to examine coping strategies in response to sexual harassment, the personal and environmental determinants of these strategies, and the cognitive processes underlying strategy choice. Survey responses of 15,404 military members who reported unwanted sex-related attention were(More)
Using cases of harassment by leaders, the authors examined the effects of target perceptions of leader responses to sexual harassment and whether leader implementation of harassment policies made a difference beyond the impact of the policies themselves. Results showed that women who perceived that leaders made honest efforts to stop harassment felt(More)
Relationships between leader behavior and subordinate work stress were examined from the perspectives of 343 leaders, their bosses, and their subordinates. Leader behaviors did relate to stress experienced by staff; however, leaders' views of what related to subordinate stress did not always coincide with the factors that subordinates themselves associated(More)
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