Lynn Patterson

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We studied the delayed neurologic complications of left atrial myxoma in 2 patients and analyzed 47 previously published cases. Embolic cerebral infarctions may occur before surgical removal of the primary cardiac tumor, but aneurysm formation and hemorrhage may be delayed, whether or not there is evidence of neurologic disorder at the time of initial(More)
UNLABELLED Stroke is a serious global illness. Human albumin has emerged as a putative therapy for ischaemic stroke based on strong evidence from animal models. Following confirmation of the safety and feasibility of high-dose albumin treatment for acute ischaemic stroke in a pilot study, the Albumin in Acute Stroke trial, a phase 3 randomised,(More)
An electronic safety reporting (ESR) module was developed and integrated into a home-grown web-based clinical trial management system (CTMS) to enhance the efficiency, completeness and consistency of reporting and reviewing serious adverse events, monitoring safety, and submitting safety reports to regulatory authorities for a large multicenter clinical(More)
Proteins of the D-E-A-D family of putative ATP-dependent RNA helicases have been implicated in translation initiation and RNA splicing in a variety of organisms from E. coli to man. The Drosophila vasa protein, a member of this family, is required in the female germ line for fertility and for specification of germ line and posterior positional information(More)
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