Lynn M. Thirion

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INTRODUCTION Anti-TNFalpha has occasionally been used in the treatment of recalcitrant forms of systemic vasculitis such as Behçet's disease, Wegener's granulomatosis and Churg-Strauss syndrome. We report on the outcome of treatment in rheumatoid arthritis patients with cutaneous vasculitis lesions on anti-TNFalpha. OBSERVATIONS Two patients with(More)
Glass exhibits a significant change in properties when subjected to high pressure because the short- and intermediate-range atomic structures of glass are tunable through compression. Understanding the link between the atomic structure and macroscopic properties of glass under high pressure is an important scientific problem because the glass structures(More)
Glasses can be chemically strengthened through the ion exchange process, wherein smaller ions in the glass (e.g., Na+) are replaced by larger ions from a salt bath (e.g., K+). This develops a compressive stress (CS) on the glass surface, which, in turn, improves the damage resistance of the glass. The magnitude and depth of the generated CS depend on the(More)
The interpretation of SAR data remains particularly difficult in the case of forests. Interferometric or/and polarimetric studies may enable us to retrieve some characteristics of the forest and identify the relevant scattering mechanisms involved in the global scattering phenomenon. A lot of numerical models have been developed to make the retrieval of(More)
Skin ulcers on the legs have a chronic, relapsing course and are often a significant management challenge. Novel methods of measuring and comparing the effects of different treatments can be of assistance in addressing this situation. A clinical pilot study using original methods was undertaken to compare the healing properties of the alginate gel Flaminal(More)
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