Lynn M. Hamilton

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The raw starch-degrading a-amylase of Bacillus sp. IMD 434 was purified to homogeneity by acetone precipitation, ion- exchange chromatography and hydrophobic interaction chromatography. The enzyme had a relative molecular mass of 69,200, displayed maximum activity at pH 6.0 and 65 °C and released large amounts of glucose and maltose on hydrolysis of starch.
To determine the effect of phototherapy on subsequent growth and development, a group of 81 low birth weight infants, 56 phototherapy (P) and 25 controls (C) were examined at 6,9,12 mos. P and C groups were chosen retrospectively on a random basis. Mean (±S.E.M.) birth wt of P infants was 1601±40gm and of C, 1669±56gm. Mean gestational age of P was 32.6±0.3(More)
BACKGROUND Misplacing objects is a commonly reported symptom of Alzheimer's disease (AD) but it is little described systematically and conflicting characterisations (losing/forgetting the location of objects versus inappropriate placement) of this "warning sign" of dementia currently exist. Patient and carer descriptions of misplacing in clinical interviews(More)
BACKGROUND A stabilized hyaluronic acid (HA)-based lidocaine-containing gel of nonanimal origin has been developed for lip enhancement. OBJECTIVE To evaluate the efficacy, safety, and injection procedure of the HA gel in subjects seeking lip enhancement. METHODS Thirty subjects were treated in the upper and lower lips. Retreatment was offered at 3(More)
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