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Residency programs for newly licensed registered nurses (NLRNs) have been strongly advocated by the Institute of Medicine, American Organization of Nurse Executives, and other professional organizations. Their cost-effectiveness as well as their impact on NLRN retention, job and practice satisfaction, improved performance, and reduction in environmental(More)
BACKGROUND Intravenous amiodarone is an important treatment for arrhythmias, but peripheral infusion is associated with direct irritation of vessel walls and phlebitis rates of 8% to 55%. Objectives To determine the incidence and factors contributing to the development of amiodarone-induced phlebitis in the coronary care unit in an academic medical center(More)
Compensation of nurses in differentiated practice is based on distinctive job descriptions. The employer can then pay according to education, position, and actual performance level and seek to hire the staff mix that is most cost-effective for the institution. Both staff nursing and manager job descriptions are presented in this article. The authors discuss(More)
BACKGROUND The prevalence of sacral pressure ulcers in patients with spinal cord injuries is high. The sacral area is vulnerable to compressive pressure because of immobility and because the sacrum and posterior superior iliac prominence lie closely under the skin with no muscle layer in between. OBJECTIVE The aim of this study was to assess peak sacral(More)
Existing data about nursing practice personnel has been found to be fragmented, incomplete, and non-uniform. These shortcomings can severely hamper administrative decision making related to professional practice systems in general, and differentiated pay and practice models in particular. The Nursing Personnel Practice Data Set (NPPDS) is designed to remedy(More)
BACKGROUND Use of a screening tool as a decision support mechanism for early detection of sepsis has been widely advocated, yet studies validating tool performance are scarce, especially in non-intensive care unit settings. METHODS For this pilot study we prospectively screened consecutive patients admitted to a medical/surgical intermediate care unit at(More)
Patient needs and practice conditions demand that clinical nurses in acute care hospitals engage in a unique professional practice role-care and management of clinical situations for multiple patients, simultaneously. Nurse Residency Programs (NRPs) facilitate the integration of newly licensed registered nurses (NLRNs) into this professional practice role(More)
The differentiated pay structure (DPS) model determines a nurse's base pay on the basis of education, position, and expertise level, adjusting that base for part-time employment, differentials for nonbusiness hours, and single payment bonuses to reward longevity. Using computer simulations, the model was tested with data from two urban hospitals. The(More)
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