Lynn M. Dudley

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The importance of increased root phosphate (P) uptake kinetics, root proliferation and local increases of soil solution P (P1) for P acquisition from fertile soil microsites was explored with a simulation model and calculated uptake was compared with experimental data. Based on the partitioning of added P in microsites to P1 and P adsorbed on soil particles(More)
In order to better elucidate fixed-C partitioning, nutrient acquisition and water relations of prairie grasses under elevated [CO2], we grew the C4 grass Bouteloua gracilis (H.B.K.) lag ex Steud. from seed in soil-packed, column-lysimeters in two growth chambers maintained at current ambient [CO2] (350 μL L−1) and twice enriched [CO2] (700 μL L−1). Once(More)
Oxalic acid is produced by some species of plants and mycorrhizal fungi and it may solubilize unavailable soil phosphorus (P) bound by cations (Ca++, Al++, Fe+++). Field and greenhouse experiments were conducted to show whether oxalate produced by the annual Salsola tragus or added oxalic acid would solubilize P from the inorganic-bound soil P pool, making(More)
stand of alfalfa under irrigation extended to 2.5 m (Dudley et al., 1994). It may be advantageous for deep-rooted Accumulation of salinity in the root zone can be detrimental to crops such as alfalfa to exploit the lower average salinity sustained crop production. Irrigation, even with moderately saline water, pushes accumulated salts deeper into the root(More)
Additive or multiplicative models of crop response on which salinity management theory have been developed may lead to an erroneous perception regarding compensative interaction among salinity and other growth factors. We present results from studies of biomass production and transpiration of corn (Zea mays L. cv. Jubilee), melon (Cucumis melo L. subsp.(More)
Previous reviews of drainage water reuse have discussed principles of water reuse and disposal; provided examples of reuse practices; offered reuse criteria for salinity, for trace elements, and for bacteria; discussed mitigation of dissolved trace elements in reuse strategies; and summarized the California experience with a focus on discussion of salinity,(More)
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