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Much attention recently has focused on drugs that prolong the QT interval, potentially leading to fatal cardiac dysrhythmias (e.g., torsade de pointes). We provide a detailed review of the published evidence that supports or does not support an association between drugs and their risk of QT prolongation. The mechanism of drug-induced QT prolongation is(More)
OBJECTIVE To review information on desloratadine, a nonsedating antihistamine. DATA SOURCES An English-language MEDLINE search was conducted (1966-July 2002). References of identified articles were subsequently reviewed for additional data. Schering Corporation provided unpublished information. STUDY SELECTION/DATA EXTRACTION Articles and abstracts(More)
OBJECTIVE To provide a critical and comprehensive review of the literature, specifically case reports and observational studies used to support the concept of cross-reactivity between sulfonylarylamines and non-sulfonylarylamines. DATA SOURCES A list of medications was formulated from several different review articles. A MEDLINE/PubMed search was(More)
OBJECTIVE To report a case of acute renal failure and neurotoxicity following administration of oral acyclovir. DATA SOURCES Medical record of the patient, case reports identified by MEDLINE. DATA EXTRACTION Data were abstracted from relevant published data by Johnson and reviewed by the remaining authors. CASE SUMMARY A 69-year-old woman was(More)
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