Lynn Greenblatt

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Kv1.1 channels are expressed in many regions of the brain and spinal cord [Monaghan, M. M.; Trimmer, J. S.; Rhodes, K. J. J. Neurosci.2001, 21, 5973; Rasband, M. N.; Trimmer, J. S. J. Comp. Neurol.2001, 429, 166; Trimmer, J. S.; Rhodes, K. J. Ann. Rev. Physiol.2004, 66, 477]. When expressed alone, they produce a delayed rectifier slowly inactivating type(More)
A series of alpha-amino-3-(phosphonoalkyl)-2-quinoxalinepropanoic acids was synthesized and evaluated for NMDA receptor affinity using a [3H] CPP binding assay. Functional antagonism of the NMDA receptor complex was evaluated in vitro using a stimulated [3H]TCP binding assay and in vivo by employing an NMDA-induced seizure model. Some analogues also were(More)
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