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Spirituality and religiousness are gaining increasing attention as health research variables. However, the particular aspects examined vary from study to study, ranging from church attendance to religious coping to meaning in life. This frequently results in a lack of clarity regarding what is being measured, the meaning of the relationships between health(More)
Progress in studying the relationship between religion and health has been hampered by the absence of an adequate measure of religiousness and spirituality. This article reports on the conceptual and empirical development of an instrument to measure reli-giousness and spirituality, intended explicitly for studies of health. It is multidimen-sional to allow(More)
This study aimed to perform the cultural adaptation and analyzing the psychometric properties of the Brazilian version of the Underwood's Daily Spiritual Experience Scale (DSES). The adaptation followed the internationally recommended procedures and the adapted version maintained equivalence to the original after wording adjustments in five items. In the(More)
Novels, films, poems and visual art can expand our view of time in ways that can be useful in dealing with disability, suffering and end of life. In particular, they can reveal more complex ways to view time. This can be effective both for the person suffering and for those who care for them. Our typical ways of viewing time include linear sequential clock(More)
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