Lynn Everett

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During a series of transfection experiments, the pRSV-luc plasmid used as an internal control was found to be sensitive to cotransfection with expression vectors for several members of the steroid/thyroid/retinoid superfamily of nuclear receptors. Therefore, a survey of the effect of these expression vectors on the activity of four reporter plasmids was(More)
BACKGROUND Transfusion of allogeneic blood influences outcome after surgery. Despite widespread availability of transfusion guidelines, transfusion practices might vary among physicians, departments, hospitals and countries. Our aim was to determine the amount of packed red blood cells (pRBC) and blood products transfused intraoperatively, and to describe(More)
Progesterone enhances the synthesis of a 42 kDa protein secreted by rabbit endometrial stromal cells in primary culture. The duration of that response, the effects of estrogen and the inhibitory ability of antiprogestin steroid analogs, RU486, ZK98.299 and ZK98.734, were tested. Although there was a progressive decrease in the amount of the 42 kDa protein(More)
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