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BACKGROUND We have compared mutation analysis by DNA sequencing and Amplification Refractory Mutation System™ (ARMS™) for their ability to detect mutations in clinical biopsy specimens. METHODS We have evaluated five real-time ARMS assays: BRAF 1799T>A, [this includes V600E and V600K] and NRAS 182A>G [Q61R] and 181C>A [Q61K] in melanoma, EGFR 2573T>G(More)
For any arthropod, molting is a risky endeavor; it leaves an organism vulnerable until its new cuticle hardens. In some social organisms, the safest place for an individual to molt may be within their group. Here I present preliminary observations of a potential signaling behavior associated with molting in the gregarious larvae of the Australian sawfly,(More)
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