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1. The effects of acid mucopolysaccharides and acid mucopolysaccharide-proteins on the size and rate of formation of fibril aggregates from collagen solutions in pH7.6 buffers were studied by turbidimetric and light-scattering methods. 2. Serum albumin, orosomucoid, methylated cellulose, chondroitin sulphate A and chondroitin sulphate C of molecular weight(More)
Increasing the pH of a neutral salt solution of sodium hyaluronate to 12.5 produces a rapid drop in viscosity which is reversible upon restoring the pH to neutrality. Light scattering data showing a decrease in radius of gyration with no change in molecular weight and negative results with chondroitin and other acidic glycosaminoglycans suggest that the(More)
Vapor phase, water sorption isotherms were obtained for specimens of bovine, sturgeon and shark cartilage and for membranes composed of collagen and various proportions of cartilage proteoglycan. The data were interpreted in the light of an elementary model for swelling of gels which regards equilibrium swelling a resultant of a balance between contractile(More)
Introduction The objective of this bulletin is to describe a stream habitat inventory procedure that will classify and quantify fish habitat in terms of channel features. The procedure is based on information gathered in gravel and boulder-bed streams in the western Cascade Mountains of Oregon and Washington and in the Kla-math Mountains of California(More)
Preface The Interior Columbia Basin Ecosystem Management Project was initiated by the USDA Forest Service and the USDI Bureau of Land Management to respond to several critical issues including, but not limited to, forest and rangeland health, anadromous fish concerns, terrestrial species viability concerns, and the recent decline in traditional commodity(More)
Establishing cooperative relationships between schools of nursing and local education agencies for the delivery of health care services to children from pre-school through the twelfth grade is a process all too often characterized by numerous legal, insurance, and administrative roadblocks. While nursing faculty and their students may wish to cooperate with(More)