Lynn Clouder

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BACKGROUND In the United Kingdom, the drive to encourage reflective practice through clinical supervision, as a means of ensuring quality of provision in nursing and other health care professions, is now well-embedded, not only in policy but also in practice. However, debate and critique of these concepts is limited. AIM The aim of this paper is to draw(More)
Given that all of us are potential users of health and social care services, the rigorous assessment of student health professionals in practice should be of common interest. However, rigorous assessment of practice-based learning is notoriously challenging. One would expect assessment in the context of the workplace to be an indicator of fitness for(More)
12 Abstract The authors work as online tutors for a BSc (Hons) physiotherapy programme at 13 Coventry University in the United Kingdom. This paper represents a stage in our 14 developing understanding, over a 3 year period, of the impact of group dynamics on online 15 interaction among physiotherapy students engaged in sharing with their peers their first(More)
OBJECTIVE To provide a critically reflective account of clinical educators' experiences of the Accreditation of Clinical Educators (ACE) scheme, launched by the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy in 2004, and its impact on practice. DESIGN A qualitative methodology with three elements: focus group interviews during the accreditation process, and(More)
BACKGROUND Knowledge of the effects on students of clinical educators' giving or withholding responsibility on placement is limited. The associated empowering, or disempowering impact indicates the need for research on what grounds such decisions are made. AIM OF STUDY The study aimed to explore clinical educators' perspectives on the importance of giving(More)
This article relates the findings of a discourse analysis of an online asynchronous interprofessional learning initiative involving two UK universities. The impact of the initiative is traced over three intensive periods of online interaction, each of several-weeks duration occurring over a three-year period, through an analysis of a random sample of(More)
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