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We present a neural network model that aims to bridge the historical gap between dynamic and structural approaches to personality. The model integrates work on the structure of the trait lexicon, the neurobiology of personality, temperament, goal-based models of personality, and an evolutionary analysis of motives. It is organized in terms of two(More)
Do men seek more short-term mates than women? Buss and Schmitt (1993) showed a pattern of mean difference in the ideal number of sexual partners men and women desired over various time frames. We replicated these mean sex differences (e.g., ideal number over the next 30 years: Ms = 7.69 and 2.78 for men and women, respectively), but in both data sets the(More)
INTRODUCTION Men who have sex with men (MSM) often face socially sanctioned disapproval of sexual deviance from the heterosexual "normal." Such sexual stigma can be internalized producing a painful affective state (i.e., shame). Although shame (e.g., addiction) can predict risk-taking (e.g., alcohol abuse), sexual shame's link to sexual risk-taking is(More)
This research tested the hypothesis that individuals who tend to form vivid visual images of others (vivid imagers) have more accurate social memories than those who form relatively nonvivid visual images of others (nonvivid imagers). In the first investigation, vivid imagers outperformed nonvivid imagers in remembering details concerning the attitudes,(More)
The study examined behavioral, relationship, and serostatus variables that potentially contribute to HIV infection risk in three age groups of men who have sex with men (MSM). MSM recruited in West Hollywood, California self-administered a questionnaire measuring unprotected insertive anal intercourse (UIAI) and unprotected receptive anal intercourse (URAI)(More)
Development of an effective rectal microbicide holds promise for HIV prevention. This study examined men's personal efficacy standards (i.e., preferences about product efficacy) for a future rectal microbicide and intentions to use it during anal intercourse. Three hundred eighty-five men who have sex with men, sampled in West Hollywood, completed a(More)