Lynn A. Carroll

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The penetration of US national security by foreign agents as well as American citizens is a historical and current reality that's a persistent and increasing phenomenon. Surveys, such as the e-crime watch survey, reveal that current or former employees and contractors are the second greatest cybersecurity threat, exceeded only by hackers, and that the(More)
This paper examines the issue of capital punishment and whether a professional nurse has the right to choose to participate in it. Capital punishment is an extremely emotional ethical issue, and there is abundant literature to support both viewpoints. Professional nursing upholds values and special moral obligations, as expressed in its code. The American(More)
Past attempts to transition payer and provider environments to electronic claims settlements have faced several obstacles. However, technological advances, the development of more secure databases, bank-independent approaches to electronic funds transfer and electronic remittance advice, and the availability of secure archives are now making electronic(More)
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