Lynette van Zijl

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We consider the modelling of a particular layout optimisation problem with cellular automata, namely, the LEGO construction problem. We show that this problem can be modelled easily with cellular automata, provided that cells are considered as clusters which can merge or split during each time step of the evolution of the cellular automaton. The LEGO(More)
Systems that automatically process sign language rely on appropriate data. We therefore present the ATIS sign language corpus that is based on the domain of air travel information. It is available for five languages, English, German, Irish sign language, German sign language and South African sign language. The corpus can be used for different tasks like(More)
We consider the problem of reducing the number of states of nondeterministic finite automata, and show how to encode the reduction as a Boolean satisfiability problem. This approach improves on previous work by reducing a more general class of automata. Experimental results show that it produces a minimal automaton in almost all cases and that the running(More)