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Permission to make digital or hard copies of all or part of this work for personal or classroom use is granted without fee provided that the copies are not made or distributed for profit or commercial advantage, that the copies bear this notice and the full citation on the first page. Copyrights for components of this work owned by others than SAICSIT or(More)
Designing graphical user interfaces (GUIs) is an arduous task that requires both functional and aesthetic considerations, often relying on documented style guides and design principles. Style guides and principles are mostly prescriptive in terms of what should be included and what should be avoided in interface design, but do not specify the <i>how</i> of(More)
Recent studies have indicated an increase in customer profiling techniques used by e-commerce businesses. E-commerce businesses are creating, maintaining and utilising customer profiles to assist in personalisation. Personalisation can help improve customers' satisfaction levels, purchasing behaviour, loyalty and subsequently improve sales. The continuously(More)
Context-aware computing continues to gain recognition, especially in mobile web computing. Determining accurate context information, in real-time, for implementing various adaptations in mobile web applications remains a challenge. Physically determined context information for use during adaptation has generally produced unsatisfactory results in mobile web(More)
Object Oriented (OO) system development using middleware such as DCOM and CORBA has been utilised by online businesses to implement e-commerce systems. Recent studies indicate that online businesses are increasingly adopting and implementing e-commerce systems using Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) technologies. Limited research has been conducted in(More)
The proliferation of mobile markets and subsequently mobile application development has led to new markets for content distributors. Whilst architectures have been developed to aid with the distribution of content within mobile software domains, this has not extended to inter-domain distribution. For instance MXit, Android and Facebook developers are(More)
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