Lynette B. MacKay

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Gap junctions between myometrial cells increase dramatically during the final stages of pregnancy. To study the functional consequences, we have applied the double-whole-cell voltage-clamp technique to freshly isolated pairs of cells from rat circular and longitudinal myometrium. Junctional conductance was greater between circular muscle-cell pairs from(More)
Parturition is preceded by a large increase in gap junctions between myometrial smooth muscle cells. Connexin 43 is the major structural protein of myometrial gap junctions. To explore transcriptional regulation of the myometrial Cx43 gene, we used DNase I footprinting, electrophoretic mobility shift and transient transfection assays to examine a 312 bp(More)
The present work seeks to determine if a particular non-linear analytic method is effective at quantifying uterine electromyography (EMG) data for estimating the onset of labor. Twenty-seven patients were included, and their uterine EMG was recorded non-invasively for 30 min. The patients were grouped into two sets: G1: labor, N = 14; G2: antepartum, N =(More)
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