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INTRODUCTION The most effective management of a patient with sarcoma is surgical resection. Often the resection is performed, the wound is irradiated, adjuvant chemotherapy is administered, and the wound is closed without plastic surgery consultation. Wound complications, after these treatment protocols, often require plastic surgery involvement and the(More)
Background. Sarcoma is a rare malignancy, and more recent management algorithms emphasize a multidisciplinary approach and limb salvage, which has resulted in an increase in overall survival and limb preservation. However, limb salvage has resulted in a higher rate of wound complications. Objective. To compare the complications between immediate and delayed(More)
BACKGROUND Peristomal hyperhidrosis can interfere with pouch adherence, resulting in pouch leakage and peristomal skin damage. CASE A patient with autonomic dysregulation resulting in excessive sweating (hyperhidrosis) experienced difficulty with adherence of her ileostomy appliance. Two hundred units of botulinum toxin A (BTX-A) were injected in the(More)
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