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Strategic marketing planning is now widely adopted by business-to-business organizations. While marketing planning principles are well established, practitioners attempting to implement the process often find their progress impeded by a variety of barriers. These barriers are explored through a review of published evidence and case study analysis of several(More)
The authors implemented strategies to maximize cohort retention to avert loss of statistical power and minimize bias in a longitudinal evaluation of a middle school HIV/STD prevention intervention. A retention rate of 80% of the baseline sample (n = 2,975) at six months and 73% at 18 months was achieved despite high reported rates of student mobility and a(More)
This paper investigates how senior managers interpret and react to the strategic threats and opportunities presented by digital technologies. Strategy studies focus on one type of actor or organizational context. Instead, we considered various firms, roles and expertise. We conducted 20 hours of in-depth, elite interviews with 15 senior managers from client(More)
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