Lyndon J. Brown

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Sympathetic nerve recordings associated with blood pressure regulation can be recorded directly using microneurography. A general characteristic of this signal is spontaneous burst activity of spikes (action potentials) separated by silent periods against a background of considerable Gaussian noise. During measurement with electrodes, the raw muscle(More)
[27] , " Robust control of state delayed systems with polytopic type uncertainties via parameter-dependent Lyapunov functionals, " Syst. Abstract—This note presents a noise analysis for an algorithm to identify the uncertain frequency of periodic signals or disturbances. This algorithm is based on the time-varying states of an internal model principle(More)
We employed a novel action potential detection and classification technique to study the relationship between the recruitment of sympathetic action potentials (i.e., neurons) and the size of integrated sympathetic bursts in human muscle sympathetic nerve activity (MSNA). Multifiber postganglionic sympathetic nerve activity from the common fibular nerve was(More)
The paper proposes a paradigm for control design suitable for poorly modeled plants with signiicant dead-time. An adaptive dead-time compensator is developed which is substantially different to the standard Smith predictor, and more generally applicable in practice. A framework is developed for selecting the controller parameters using now s t a n-dard(More)
Accurate investigation of the sympathetic nervous system is important in the diagnosis and study of various autonomic and cardiovascular control and disorders. Sympathetic function associated with blood pressure regulation in humans can be evaluated by recording muscle sympathetic nerve activity (MSNA), which is characterised by synchronous neuronal(More)
The Muscle Sympathetic Nerve Activity (MSNA) consists of synchronous neural discharges separated by periods of neural silence dominated by heavy background noise. During measurement with electrodes, the raw MSNA signal is amplified, band-pass filtered, rectified and integrated. This integration process removes much neurophysiological information. In this(More)
Sympathetic nerve activity associated with blood pressure regulation can be recorded directly using microneurography. Action potentials (APs) in the sympathetic nerve signal are dominated by colored gaussian noise. This paper proposes a novel method for detecting APs from muscle sympathetic nerve activity (MSNA) in multi-unit postganglionic recordings. The(More)