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Sixty-one patients with preterm rupture of membranes were studied. Transabdominal amniocentesis was performed successfully in 42 patients (68.8%). Among these 42, 26 (61.9%) had a lecithin:sphingomyelin (L:S) ratio of 1.8 or greater and 16 (38.1%) demonstrated pulmonary immaturity. Amniotic fluid obtained from vaginal pooling was compared to fluid obtained(More)
During the 17 years 1955 through 1971, 20 gravid patients underwent cholecystectomy. This represented 1 case for every 1259 deliveries (0.079% of 25,189 deliveries). The primary indication for surgery was repeated attacks of gallbladder colic. Generally, surgery was performed between the 10th and the 20th week of gestation. There was one spontaneous(More)
We present the necropsy findings of a 21-week-gestation male fetus with deletion of the terminal portion of long arm of chromosome 6 [46,XY,del(6)(q23----qter)]. Major anomalies include intrauterine growth retardation, facial anomalies, nuchal cyst, scoliosis, bilateral diaphragmatic hernias, persistent common atrioventricular canal, absent olfactory bulbs(More)
To estimate fetal absorbed dose from radiographic examinations, the depth from the anterior maternal surface to the midline of the fetal skull and abdomen was measured by ultrasound in 97 pregnant women. The relationships between fetal depth, fetal presentation, and maternal parameters of height, weight, anteroposterior (AP) thickness, gestational age,(More)
OBJECTIVE To describe the process of training for measuring nuchal translucency at five clinical centers in North America and to evaluate methods of quality assurance and feedback. DESIGN Throughout a period of 18 months, the performance of sonographers in measuring fetal nuchal translucency was monitored using qualitative and quantitative methods of(More)
Luteinization of an unruptured ovarian follicle has been reported as a cause of infertility and has heretofore been diagnosed only by direct visualization of the ovarian surface. Four patients who demonstrated defects in ovulation requiring therapy to induce ovulation and who were not achieving desired conception despite apparently adequate treatment were(More)
Fifty-seven of 261 patients (21.8%) referred with a presumptive diagnosis of an ectopic gestation had an extrauterine pregnancy. Five of the 57 ectopic pregnancies (8.8%) had a pseudogestational sac on transvaginal sonography. In four of these five cases, a single beta-hCG level had been obtained and did not help in differentiating an ectopic gestation from(More)
Fetal weight was estimated sonographically within 3 days of delivery in 103 cases. A stepwise regression analysis was performed to evaluate fetal sex, biparietal diameter, head circumference, abdominal circumference, and femur length as factors in estimation of fetal weight. A new formula for calculating fetal weight was derived. Fetal sex did not affect(More)