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In the preceding paper we performed molecular dynamics calculations of the average structures of the SOS protein bound to wild-type and oncogenic ras-p21. Based on these calculations, we have(More)
In the accompanying paper, we found, using molecular dynamics calculations, four domains of the ras-specific SOS guanine nucleotide exchange protein (residues 589-601, 654-675, 746-761, and 980-989)(More)
ras-p21 protein binds to the son-of-sevenless (SOS) guanine nucleotide-exchange promoter that allows it to exchange GDP for GTP. Previously, we performed molecular dynamics calculations on oncogenic(More)
GTPase activating protein (GAP) is a known regulator of ras-p21 activity and is a likely target of ras-induced mitogenic signaling. The domains of GAP that may be involved in this signaling are(More)